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Meet The Cubans

By December 10, 2019September 29th, 2021No Comments
Michael Leon

Meet Michael Leon, the playwright of The Cubans, our next world premiere at the Colony Theatre.

Michael Leon is a Cuban-American actor and playwright. A Miami native that trained at Florida International University and The Atlantic Theater Conservatory, he returns to Miami for the debut of his new play on stage at the Colony Theatre representing Miami New Drama’s mission of developing and presenting new work by Miami artists continues.

“Ever since I could remember, I have always wanted to tell stories. My fondest memories as a child were performing magic shows in my living room or recruiting family members as actors in my latest home movie. Growing up in Miami and being of Cuban descent, I was constantly surrounded by natural born storytellers. There was my grandfather, the Great Embellisher, who reveled in recreating his tall tales. Then there was my father, the Eternal Lecturer, who repeatedly recounted pivotal moments in his life to teach life lessons.  I was a part of a tradition of keeping the past alive. When it came time to write my first play, The Cubans, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the very people that made me want to be a storyteller in the first place.” –Michael Leon

Turning the classic American family drama into a quintessential Miami story – a humorous, poignant story of the generational struggle for identity in a Cuban-American family, the story of The Cubans follows Christy returning to Miami for a family celebration, where she clashes with her overbearing mother over her life choices – until a life-shattering event forces them to confront their relationship.

Come meet The Cubans Jan 23-Feb 16, 2020 at the Colony Theatre.