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STEAM Classes

at Local High Schools


In this 14-week program, students will learn how technology assists the artistic design process. This will introduce them to direct real-world applications of how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics can meet the Arts.

Our Education Department works closely with the school partners to customize each experience to maximize the school schedule and the needs of the individual classroom. We bring theater technicians and designers to teach the local high school students how they can incorporate STEM into a creative and inspiring environment. Classes can be offered either virtual or in-person introducing students to professionals who work in lighting, scenic, and costume design, as well as sound engineering, light board programming.

Optional Field Trip

All classes will be given the opportunity to visit the Colony Theatre to tour the facility and be introduced to the technical systems like the light board and controls, projections, sound board, fly system and more. If scheduling allows and productions are deemed student appropriate, priority will be given for classes in the STEAM program to attend a Miami New Drama production.

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