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In-School Residencies


In this 9-week (high schools) or 4-week (middle schools) long residency, we bring three of our teaching artists to a local public school to work with a class chosen by the school’s drama or culture teacher. Through collaboration with our artists and each other, the students create a theatrical piece from their own writing and work. The final day of the program, they hold a free performance for their community.

This program focuses on theater performance and creation, while nourishing the interests and needs of your students. The teaching artists work on writing, acting, and dance and movement with the class. However, through the discussion of themes important to the students and their communities, the teachers can be sure to personalize the experience to the students. All leads to a spotlight on the new work created by this collaboration.


“You guys have made this program so much fun for me! I really feel like I was a part of something.”

Brandon, Student at Miami Beach Senior High

“I think this show (PAST CONNECTIONS) really gave them a chance to stop and slow down and really think about their heritage – you know where they came from.”

Theater Director at Miami Coral Park Senior High

“Not only does [working with multiple teaching artists at once] make them feel special and heard, but I can see their improvements as an actor and as an artist in them right away... I would absolutely recommend Miami New Drama to other schools – as long as it means that we can still have you as well!”

Theater Director at Miami Coral Park Senior High

“I really loved the freedom that the writers gave this whole group to express themselves and talk through the script… And really find out why they care about theater, and why they care about writing, and what stories they wanna tell. They genuinely cared about our voices and wanted to bring that to the stage as much as they could”

Emily, Student at Miami Beach Senior High

“The experience was really fun. It allowed us to get away from our own creativeness. It was so cool how it came from nothing to a whole production!”

Isabella, Student at Miami Beach Senior High

“Obviously, we’re growing, we’re learning… There’s a lot to learn, not even just with what [the teaching artists] tell you but just watching them do their work as well.”

Adrianjesus, Student at Miami Coral Park Senior High

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