We started our education programs with one morning matinee of our multilingual version of OUR TOWN serving a modest 400 students. This launched a movement and within two years we are now consistently serving 8000 students annually.

Each season we offer:

Bus transportation and tickets are provided free-of-charge to students and schools. We want to do more! We are continually thinking of new ways to connect and bring theater access to the masses! Click here to Support Us or email for information on supporting future programs.

Arts Education Matters!

Miami New Drama is committed to youth in our communities and using theater as a tool for transformative educational artistic experiences for all.

My students were moved, some to tears. They loved the theater, the staging, the acting and the entire experience. To this day, the continually talk about how much they loved the play. Not only was it a culturally beneficial experience for students – who have never been to Colony Theater – historically, it was educational and provided insight and perspective that the students did not have before. These FREE opportunities are like gold to us. We truly appreciate them. Long after our students have left high school, these are the moments they will remember; I did!

ONE NIGHT IN MIAMITeacher Attendee

Despite our student's disabilities, the actors ability to touch the hearts of our students was beautiful to watch.

ANTIGONEat Brucie Ball Ed Center

MasterMiND Master Class Series

Free online sessions with award-winning artists!

An ongoing series covering writing, acting, directing, and many other aspects of theater with our wide network of artists. Launched in an effort to create new avenues of learning, creation, and discovery.

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Master MiND