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Viva La Parranda!

Viva La Parranda!

AGOSTO 1 - AGOSTO 30, 2019

Developed by Betsayda Machado y La Parranda El Clavo in collaboration with Juan Carlos Souki.

A village, a dream, a new musical. Bringing passion and color through traditional rhythms and dances, Betsayda Machado and La Parranda El Clavo—her village’s own multi-generational band—invites audiences to discover, indulge, and celebrate the contagious beats of Afro-Venezuelan soul through stories and songs of their real-life struggles and triumphs. The energizing percussion and vocal ensemble presents an engaging repertoire cultivated through centuries of African tradition and musical influence in Venezuela.

Critical Acclaim

“Michel Hausmann, Artistic Director of Miami New Drama, believes in diversity and my word, does he prove it.”

Roger Martin, Broadway World

“This is not just another road musical. It's a revelation.”

Roger Martin, Broadway World

“‘Viva La Parranda’, one of the most endearing shows I've seen."

Roger Martin, Broadway World

“Oh, the singing? And the acting? Two hours weren't long enough.”

Roger Martin, Broadway World

“Viva La Parranda is an upbeat insight into a people and a culture. And, it’s about a soup – representative of community, family, tradition, music and peace.”

Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater on Stage

“They’ve taken a perfectly relatable story of rural daily life and blown it out of the water thanks to the wondrous sounds of Betsayda and Parranda El Clavo.”

Pola Bunster, Culture Crusaders
Viva La Parranda!

Viva la Parranda!

by Betsayda Machado & Parranda El Clavo in collaboration with Juan Souki and Odelia Artists
​SCENIC DESIGN / Ika Avaliani
COSTUME DESIGN / Angélica “Queca” & Gómez-Castro
SOUND DESIGN / Marcelo Añez
VIDEO DESIGN / Luis Acosta, Pablo Iranzo, José Layai & Juan Souki
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR / Carlos Fabián Medina
DIRECTION / Juan Souki


Betsayda Machado
Adrián Gómez
Oscar Ruíz
Asterio Betancourt
Nereida Machado
Youse Cardozo
Blanca Castillo
José Gregorio Gómez