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When Monica Met Hillary

MARCH 3 - MARCH 27, 2022


Girl meets boss. Girl falls for boss. Girl loses everything. A First Lady breaks the glass ceiling...only to find another. Monica and Hillary have never met. Until now.

It’s 1995. Monica Lewinsky is 22 and an Intern at the White House. She has a crush on the President of the United States.

It’s 1996. Huma Abedin is 20 and an Intern at the White House. She has a plan to break the glass ceiling with the First Lady of the United States.

You think you know the story. After all, you did hear it from the media, the news, the tabloids…but you might come to realize you don’t know it at all. This story is about mothers and daughters, ambitious politicians who are devoted wives, and, yes, the men…but they don’t have a say in how this story ends. Monica and Hillary have never met, never spoken to each other; but what if, three decades after the fact, they did meet? A world-premiere play written by Winter Miller (The Public Theater’s In Darfur) and directed by Margot Bordelon (Playwrights Horizons’ Wives).

When Monica Met Hillary

Critical Acclaim

Christine Dolen, Miami Herald/Artburst Miami

"Intense, discomfiting, revelatory"
"Sorrow, fury, humor, calculation, despair and more"
"Riveting theater presented with clarity and thought-provoking emotional impact"
"A significant play"
"Miller’s artistic vision is powerful"
"An experience worth sharing and contemplating"