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Our Town is a play about LIFE

By October 30, 2017September 1st, 2021No Comments

Emblematic of small town American life, this Pulitzer Prize-winning drama is a universal favorite performed around the world in many languages. At a moment when America is struggling with its own cultural history and identity, the Wilder estate has endorsed the first multilingual and multicultural production of the play here in Miami — a great honor for our City and community. It explores what it means to be alive, fall in love, wander through relationships, and reach life’s milestones both joyous and sorrowful. The world of Grover’s Corners has no borders, just like Miami, it is vibrant, flowing, and eternally alive.

The play is a powerful prism through which to view our contemporary moment, in which certain towns, by their name alone have become synonymous with the trials and triumphs facing the country.

Join us as we retell this classic story employing a native language-speaking cast, seeking to redefine how we think about the all-American town of Grover’s Corners.

Our Town in Our Miami.

An American Classic, reborn. Our America, redefined.