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Summer Theatre Intensives

Summer Theater Intensives

JULY 2021

Our inaugural summer programming in July of 2021 highlighted performance training and script composition, as well as enhancing our students’ skills as multifaceted storytellers. Our teachers were a diverse group of industry professionals, composed of four main teaching artists and nine specialized industry professionals, including Carmen Pelaez, Rudi Goblen, and Aurin Squire.

Four different programs were available to students in 2021:

  • Introduction to the Performing Arts – Focused on basic acting techniques including corporal expression, use of the voice, building of characters, and development of self confidence onstage. Activities offer participants the opportunity to experience theater artistry in a professional environment.
  • Building a Character (bilingual) – Delve deeper into acting techniques to build characters and learn new approaches to performance ranging from Uta Hagen and Susan Batson’s acting techniques, exploring the emotions through the voice, to contemporary movement resources for actors.
  • Creative Writing (virtual) – Everybody has a story to tell! A virtual camp dedicated to spark the creative process and learn the basic principles of writing and dramaturgy. Participants will be guided through exercises to learn tips on how to turn their ideas and thoughts into dialogue, conflict, and a resolution within a scene or short play. We will be bringing professional writers as special guests to give you all their amazing tips and tricks!
  • Acting for the Camera (bilingual, virtual) – Explore different on-camera acting techniques that will help you develop your potential as a bilingual actor. Learn with industry professionals about headshots, how to prepare for auditions, and everything you need to step into the world of entertainment in English and Spanish.​
MiND Summer Theater Intensive

Due to generous grant funding from The Children’s Trust and Miami-Dade County, 32 scholarships were given out to students, both Miami-based and international.


“I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave me - I honestly learned so much. And for the patience and dedication in which you taught us.”

“Acting for the Camera” Student

“Very thankful for the attention given and for creating and offering this intensive, which was very beneficial for my daughter.”

Mother of “Acting for the Camera” student