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Greg Taubman


The History of Theater

Greg Taubman

Greg Taubman

Greg Taubman helps stories find their form and storytellers hone their craft—primarily as Co-Founder and Partner at FORGE, a boutique consultancy dedicated to helping artists and makers take the next step in their own work ( By providing cultivated spaces to work in, tailored tools to master, and expert perspectives to take on, Greg encourages creators of all kinds to articulate the ineffable and make visible their inner truths. As a freelance director and dramaturg, Greg has worked with institutions including The Public Theater, Classic Stage Company, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, The Shakespeare Society, and Theater of War. His Greek and Latin translation work has appeared in Heather Christian’s Oratorio for Living Things (Ars Nova, 2020), The Public’s Bacchae (2009), Antigone/Progeny (Extant Arts, 2012) and Bad News! i was there… (Poet’s House, 2015) . He holds a BA in Classics from Princeton (Summa Cum Laude) and MFA in Directing from Columbia. As an educator, Greg has taught and directed students at Stanford, Columbia, LIU Post, and Uncommon Schools; his pedagogy is grounded in helping students better understand and express their stories and themselves.

With the time that remains, Greg proudly serves as Co-Producer of Odd Salon NYC, Board Chair for Barn Arts Collective. With the time that he lacks, Greg works on his book, Such Stuff: The Essential Value of Art & Dreams.

Greek Drama