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World Premiere

OCT 27 - NOV 20, 2022

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A shocking, fast-paced, and emotionally charged World Premiere play by Rogelio Martinez.

In 1999, a young boy was found on the shores of Florida clinging to life. ELIÁN is a story of hope that soon falls under the watchful eye of the 24-hour news cycle. We know the story ends with a boy in a closet, a gun pointed at him; but few of us know how it got to that moment. With explosive real-life personalities, gripping moments, and great compassion, ELIÁN pulls back the curtain and reveals how American democracy really works.

Why Elián?

ELIÁN is a story that is very personal to our city and resonated deeply with our Cuban-American community. It was an event that divided our community, had both national and international consequences, and helped define the 2000 elections which changed our global history. This work is an exploration of that moment from the perspective of some of the protagonists of this conflict and will reveal new information that the public has never been made aware of. It will be shocking, irreverent, and emotionally charged. We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Rogelio and I feel a great responsibility to be directing this story that is so close to our community. – Michel Hausmann, Artistic Director