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Anna In The Tropics Streaming

Anna in the Tropics

Streaming On Demand

Available Now Through December 24th

A stunning and evocative Pulitzer-Prize winning drama by Nilo Cruz.

Miami New Drama proudly presents an exclusive online streaming opportunity for theater lovers. Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the mesmerizing Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “Anna in the Tropics,” from the comfort of your home. Miami New Drama has partnered with Overture+, a renowned online platform for theaters, to bring this theatrical gem to your screens. MiND Stream, a bespoke streaming experience, offers you a front-row seat to this enchanting play.

  • Critically Acclaimed: A masterpiece that has captivated audiences for two decades.
  • Stellar Performances: Witness the exceptional talent of a cast that brings this timeless story to life.
  • High-Quality Production: Enjoy the best of Broadway-level production in high-definition streaming.
  • Limited Time Only: Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to delve into a world where love, ambition, and the allure of the tropics intertwine.
Anna In The Tropics Streaming

About The Play

It’s 1929 and we are in Florida at a Cuban–American cigar factory; cigars are still rolled by hand and “lectors” are hired to educate and entertain the workers. When a new lector enters the scene and begins to read aloud Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, he unwittingly becomes a catalyst in the lives of his avid listeners and suddenly the lives of the workers begin to parallel the novel. Old traditions and new ways collide while longing, love, and betrayal spark a volatile flame that signals the end of an era.

Why Anna in the Tropics?

Anna in the Tropics is a story that belongs to this city. It was written by a Miami playwright, it first premiered at the New Theater in Coral Gables, it was awarded a Pulitzer, and now, for the first time ever, Nilo Cruz himself will direct the play. Nilo and his achievements bring a huge sense of pride to our community, and we are honored to continue collaborating with him and call him a dear friend. Anna in the Tropics is a beautiful balance of a strong story with poetic storytelling that is moving, sexy, heartbreaking and spectacular. – Michel Hausmann, Artistic Director

CONTENT ADVISORY: This production contains scenes depicting physical and sexual violence, the use of a theatrical firearm, and gunshot sound effects.

Critical Acclaim

Christine Dolen, Artburst Miami/Miami Herald

"Exquisite... emotionally potent and irresistible"

Christine Dolen, Artburst Miami/Miami Herald

"Nilo Cruz blends vivid imagery, Cuban-American history and electric you can almost hear it sparking."

Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater On Stage

"Triumphant..."Passion sizzles in Miami New Drama’s 20th anniversary production of Anna in the Tropics."

J.J. Colagrande, The Jitney

"It hits like poetry and resonates with a literary air not often felt in the theater."
Anna In The Tropics

Pictured L-R: Brandon Espinoza, Hannia Guillen, and Gabriell Salgado. Photo by FURIOSA Productions

Anna In The Tropics

Pictured L-R/Top-Bottom: Daniel Capote, Brandon Espinoza, Hannia Guillen, Gabriell Salgado, Andrea Ferro, Serafin Falcon, Nilo Cruz, Saundra Santiago, Photo by FURIOSA Productions.