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In-School Theatre Workshops

In-School Theatre Workshops


In Spring 2021, we launched our first training program for young artists. Our virtual partnership included two schools: Coral Park Senior High, and Miami Beach Senior High.

Participants focused on performance and creation in order to reflect and respond to important issues in their daily lives, and develop tools for artistic expression within their own communities. Over the course of a semester of virtual classes and, for Coral Park, two Saturdays of in-person filming, they wrote and performed in their own short film. For Coral Park, this culminated in a presentation of their short film, Midnight Future, in a premiere at the Colony Theatre with 35 attendees. Miami Beach had a virtual premiere of their short film, Phases, coordinated by students.


“I think this has helped me become a better actor, but also a better writer and a better version of myself. So, I would say thank you for that.”

Sophia, student at Miami Coral Park SHS

Here, you guys have done such an amazing job being able to take their ideas and their feelings and their words, and to create a real production out of it. So, for them to be able to experience the full process has been really invaluable.”

Ms. Cole, Drama Teacher at Miami Coral Park SHS
Theatre Workshop