Morning Matinee Performances

Our morning matinees bring students, many who have never seen a professional theater production before, to the theater. They are able to experience our regular season during special student-only morning matinees, with talk-backs occurring after every performance. We coordinate directly with administrators, educators, and bus companies to provide this completely FREE experience. This allows students to move beyond their own neighborhoods to experience not only more of Miami, but more of the world through theater.


  • 2018-2019 Season: Seven morning matinee performances, reaching 34 schools for a total of 1830 students
  • 2019-2020 Season: Five performances reaching 17 schools for a total of 1100 students. Before the pandemic shutdown, we had projected to reach 37 schools, for a total of 2800 students


“The students were in awe of the whole experience. Many of them had never seen a live performance before. They loved the play, the theater, and the opportunity to interact with the performers. They will not forget!”

“My students were moved, some to tears. They loved the theater, the staging, the acting and the entire experience. To this day, they continually talk about how much they loved the play.... Long after our students have left high school, these are the moments they will remember; I did!”