A Play Company and Por Piedad Teatro's production

Based on Una Giornata Particolare by Ettore Scola, Ruggero Maccar

Adapted by Gigliola Fantoni 

Co-starring and Co-directed by Ana Graham and Antonio Vega

March 16th - 26th 2016

On the darkest day in history, a glimmer of hope sparks between two strangers, and thus begins A Special Day.

On May 8, 1938, Hitler arrives in Rome to meet with Mussolini. While Italy celebrates the rise of Fascism, an over-worked housewife and a mysterious bachelor meet by chance. Based on Ettore Scola’s 1977 Oscar-winning Italian film Una Giornata Particolare, Award-winning artists Ana Graham and Antonio Vega tell this epic story using minimalistic elements that celebrate the powerful imagination of the theater.

In today’s world, couldn’t we all use
A Special Day?


Ana Graham and Antonio Vega are so engaging…fast pace, crack timing and almost whimsical inventiveness! Voila!
— The New York Times